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Women Who Believe Committee Index

These are the following Committees that we have available for the members of Women Who Believe.

You are welcome to join as many committees as you like but we do ask that you join one,
this is just a small way to ensure that all our members remain active within the group

The PenPals committee has been designed to allow our members to get to know each other in a more personal way. We will send you a new penpal each month to give you a chance to meet all our WWB members.

If you would like to see more and possibly join the PenPals, just click above and we would love to have you join us

Paint Shop Pro Committee ~ You have a web site in order to apply to our PSP Committee

The PSP Committee has been created to teach all our members how to use Paint Shop Pro and create the images and graphics that we see all over the net.

You will have PSP lessons that are scheduled to meet everyone needs and time zones.. as well as different levels that you will learn.
ie: basic images to globes to creating a tiled or tabled background

If this sounds like a committee you would be interested in, just click above to let your creative side come out.

This is the place for everyone in WWB to have fun and relax and just get to know each other. We are always open for suggestions and we love new ideas so be sure to stop by and see what we're all about. Remember that the welcome mat is out and there's always hot coffee and plenty of smiles at the WWB Cafe'
Our Cafe also has taken over holding our Chat's

Welcome to the Recruiting Committee. This committee and it's members go out on the net and look for suitable sites and women to join our group. We love to have members from all over the world and if you would like to help us recruit new members, just a couple hours a month, then please join us.

What is the ROSE Committee you might ask... easy, ROSE stands for Remembering Our Sisters Everyday! Whether a member is celebrating her birthday, anniversary, new baby or has lost a loved one. WWB ROSE Committee is committed to helping her celebrate or be there for her. If she is down, blue or just needs a little pic me up, that's what ROSE is for. To be a member of the ROSE Committee you must like to make pages, email cards or send a special gift to a fellow WWB member who may need one. Please feel free to visit us more to see what we are all about & join us today!

What this committee has to offer is welcoming any new member to the group by leaving warm welcoming gifts in their guest books or by leaving a nice gift, card, or letter in their email. If you are interested in joining this committee please click the link above.

Newsletter Committee

This is a brand new committee. By joining the newsletter committee, you will be helping all of our members find out what has gone on in the WWB over the past month and upcoming months. There are several sections of the newsletter to work on so please, be sure to check out this committee.

Secret Whispers

Secret Whispers has been created to help put a smile on everyone's face. Upon joining this committee you will be sent each month a new member of the committee. You will spoil her with gifts and cards all while keeping your identity secret from her. Sound like fun? Come visit us to see what we're about

Graphics Committee

Looking to give your personal site a new look? Need a gift for a friend and cannot make one yourself? The Graphics committee is designed to help all our members who cannot or do not have the time to create all the wonderful images we see on the net today!
Be sure to stop in to see what we have to offer.

Achievers of Internet Beauty

This is our  Awards committee which offers something fresh and new. Not only will this committee be sending out awards to our general members, we will be presenting awards to other groups on the internet. If you would like to nominate an award or join this committee please click to see what more we have to offer.

Literary Lounge

We are a Committee dedicated to writing. The Lounge offers a wonderful place where all our writers can come together and share their stories, poems and other works they have written. We encourage anyone who likes to write to join this committee. Let your talents shine through your creative writing.  

Threads Of Friendship ~ Quilting Committee

Everyone loves to see online quilts. Threads Of Friendship is a brand new committee designed to bring the internet wonderful quilt idea's that show our support for many things. If you like to create quilts then this is the committee for you. Would you consider joining us?

Don't know what to make for dinner? Do you have your *Mother In-law* coming over in just a few short hour's. Well look no further. The Recipe Box has a wonderful array of fresh idea's that will tempt the taste bud's of even the pickiest of Mother in-laws. ;o) This is a committee designed to allow us to teach HTML to our members as well as set up web sites for members who wish to have one but currently do not. We will begin by teaching basic HTML so members can maintain their own web sites and do the basic things to create one.  If you feel you could assist in this committee, please visit us.

Chatting w/MsPaulie is a special section we have. A member is interviewed once a month and she shares more about herself with the members of the group. Interviews are posted for our members to read. :) it is a fun and unique way of getting to know who we all are.

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