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Please be sure you have read and understand all the WWB guidelines and rules before submitting your application. Submitting this application will verify that you have agreed to the guidelines.

We have several membership levels in WWB.

Email Membership:  These are our members without a web site. They are free to be involved in every area that WWB has to offer. There are  a couple committees that are no good for email members such as our graphics & psp committees but email members are welcome to do everything else.

We ask that all email members remain on both the main list & news list as well as any committee egroup they may belong to for the duration of their membership.

If at any time an email member obtains a website, we ask that they let our staff members know so we can change their membership status.

Web Ring Membership:  These are our members who want to be a participant in our group but just do not have the time to dedicate to a committee. They can however join a committee anytime during their membership and their membership status will be changed.

We ask that all web ring members remain on the web ring news group for the duration of their membership.

If at any time a web ring member would like to become a general member and become more active in the group, please let our staff members know.

General Membership:  These are our active members. These include members who are a part of our WWB Web ring, they have a web site and they have met all of our membership criteria.

Our general members have the choice to be on as many committees as they feel they can handle. They may at any time join another committee or leave a committee. In the event that you leave a committee, we ask that you let your committee leader know so they can make sure you are on another in order to remain within your membership guidelines.

All general members with personal or business web sites must remain on at least one committee for the duration of their membership.  

If at any time you would like to change your membership status, please contact a staff member to do so.

Please save this WWB Banner or choose one from our Banners page. Upload it to your own server and post it on your website. You will need the URL this banner is placed on when filling out your application.

The following information is needed to keep track of our members.
Please fill out everything.
Birthday & Anniversary information is submitted
to the Remembering Ourselves Committee so that we can help you celebrate your
special days.

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